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Characters. Neko (K), anime character from The K Project Neko Fukuta, a character in Hakobune Hakusho; Neko, a non-player character in The Secret of Mana video game; Neko Kuroha, an anime character in Brynhildr in the Darkness; Neko (Means Cat), a character in the Monster Hunter game series; Nekomimi, a catgirl in Japanese anime and manga; Oikawa Neko [], Japanese lyricist for themes such as. Eine Nekomata (japanisch 猫股 oder 猫又; von japanisch neko Katze und mata Gabelung oder gegabelt; vollständig also Gegabelte Katze) ist ein fiktives Wesen aus dem japanischen Volksglauben das sich aus einer Hauskatze entwickeln kann, aber auch wild in bestimmten Bergregionen Japans und Chinas hausen soll. Sie gehört zur Gruppe der höheren Dämonen, den Yōkai Neko Case (Vorname sprich: Niko; * 8. September 1970 in Alexandria, Virginia) ist eine US-amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin. Karriere. Sie begann ihre Karriere in Vancouver , wo sie nach der Schule in Tacoma ein Grafikdesign. Neko is a cross-platform open-source animated cursor-chasing cat screenmate application. Neko 猫, ねこ) is the Japanese word for cat. About Neko. I love Neko! Neko was originally written for the NEC PC-9801. It was later ported as a desk accessory to the Macintosh in 1989 by Kenji Gotoh (known as cartoonist Juan Gotoh). He also designed the sleeping graphics for Neko. An X version was later. Neko (ネコ, Neko) is a female Strain and also a Silver Clansman. She is extremely attached to Yashiro Isana and is responsible for altering his memories, as well as those of the Ashinaka High School student body.4She is called Miyabi Ameno (雨乃雅日, Ameno Miyabi) by the Green King Nagare Hisui, however Neko herself does not recognize this name.5 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4.

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NekoVM is a virtual machine developed by Nicolas Cannasse as part of research and development (R&D) efforts at two indie video game firms in Bordeaux, France: first at Motion Twin and then at Shiro Games.NekoVM's native language is the bytecode for a high-level dynamically typed programming language called Neko.This pairing allows Neko to be used directly as an embedded scripting language or. Anyone can edit our Wiki, so start helping out!. Our database currently contains 74 articles and 298 images. About · Recent Changes · Community Portal · Help. Templates · Categories. Admins. The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat. (変態王子と笑わない猫。 Hentai Ōji to Warawanai Neko.), also known by the shorthand HenNeko (変猫。 ) and Towanai (とわない), is a Japanese. Kemonomimi bzw.Kemomimi (japanisch 獣耳, Tierohren) ist ein japanischer Begriff für menschlich gestaltete Manga- und Anime-Figuren mit Merkmalen von Tieren.. Im Gegensatz zu Kemono, die in der klassischen japanischen Kunst Tiere mit menschlichen Eigenschaften und Lebensweisen darstellen, sind Kemonomimi weitgehend menschlich gestaltet und besitzen nur einzelne Elemente von Tieren (in.

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Nekopara (jap. ネコぱら, kurz für Katzenparadies) ist ein japanischer Dōjinshi des Zirkels Neko Works, der zum Werk auch eine Kinetic-Novel-Spielereihe entwickelte, die außerhalb Japans von Sekai Project veröffentlicht wird.. Das erste Spiel der Serie ist Nekopara Vol. 1, es wurde am 29. Dezember 2014 veröffentlicht. Die Serie spielt in einer Welt, in der Menschen mit. Details Neeko kopiert das Aussehen sowie die Statistiken und andere triviale Mechaniken des gewählten Champions. Folgende Zahlen werden dann gefälscht angezeigt: Lebensleiste (sowohl aktuelles als auch maximales Leben) Zweite Leiste (z.B. Mana, Energie, keine, etc.) Championstatistiken Verbesserungen und Beeinträchtigungen (sowohl Symbol als auch VFX) Symbol für Killbelohnung Folgende. Neko (ネコ) ist ein weiblicher Strain und ein Mitglied des Silbernen Clans. Neko ist sehr anhänglich wenn es um Shiro geht. Sie hat seine Erinnerungen manipuliert genauso wie bei ein paar Schülern der Ashinaka High School. Neko ist klein und schlank. Sie hat langes blasses Pinkes Haar das ihr bis zu den Knien reicht. Zwei kurze Strähnen fallen rechts und links über ihre Schultern, die. Nekopara (Japanese: ネコぱら) is a series of visual novels developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project.The first game in the series, Nekopara Vol. 1, was released on December 30, 2014. The series is set in a world where humans live alongside catgirls, known as Nekos.. An all-ages anime OVA adaptation was released on Steam in December 2017; it became one of the top earners in.

Welcome to the Neko Atsume Wiki! The wiki about the Japanese Kitty Collector mobile phone game! 45,778 edits made and 387 articles created since November 2nd, 2015. More than 70 varieties of cats.Attract them with food and then watch them romp with your toys!Become a master kitty collector and fill it up The Nekopara Wiki is a MediaWiki-based encyclopedia about the adult visual novel series developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project. Anyone is free to create or edit any article! Please help this wiki by either expanding or editing existing pages. Enjoy your stay! Administrators • Recent Changes • New Photos • New Pages • Help Make sure to review our site rules here! There.

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  1. Neko ist ein schweizer Rapper aus NHR, BLB und VBT. 2015 nahm Neko zum ersten Mal am VBT teil, schied jedoch bereits in Vorrunde 2 aus. Nach einigen Battles in der RBA konnte er Kontakt zu Talf und Markant aufbauen und schloss sich ihrer Crew Insight Job an. Gemeinsam nahmen sie am BLB 201
  2. Se-hyeon Neko Park is a South Korean Support player currently playing for O2 Blast. He is well known for his high-caliber Flex Support gameplay in the Overwatch League, as a core member of the Boston Uprising in 2018 and the Toronto Defiant in 2019. He has since swapped roles to Main Support after returning to play in Korea
  3. Maneki-neko are traditionally depicted seated, holding a koban coin, with one paw raised in a beckoning gesture. To some Westerners (Italians and Spaniards are notable exceptions) it may seem as if the Maneki-neko is waving rather than beckoning. This is due to the difference in gestures and body language recognized by some Westerners and the Japanese. The Japanese beckoning gesture is made by.
  4. Neko is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 16 playable characters. She was released with the 1.9 update. Currently, Neko has 11 songs, and maxes out at Lv.27. Not to be confused with her online persona NEKO#ΦωΦ
  5. The wiki about Mayoi Neko Overrun! a new manga by the creator of To-Love-Ru that anyone can edit. 104 articles since January 7th 201

Neko is an aesthetic related to the cat-people (most notably catgirls, and rarely catboys) trope in anime and manga. The trope may have gone back to 1924 but the culture truly rose in popularity during the 2010s, when the trope became a part of anime's identity.. This aesthetic is popular within the transfem community as their ideal post-transition selves Allgemeines Eine Nin-Neko (忍猫, Ninja-Katze) ist eine spezielle Katze, welche Shinobi-Fertigkeiten besitzt. Bekannte Ninja-Katzen: Im Dorf Soraku im Feuer-Reich sind einige Nin-Neko anzutreffen, welche dort zusammen mit Nekobaa und Tamaki leben. Im Gegensatz zu einfachen Katzen tragen sie einen Kimono. Ob dies der einzige Lebensraum der Ninja-Katzen ist oder es noch weitere in der Welt von. Neko is a short, but slender girl with long, pale pink hair reaching down along her back and down past her knees. Her hair is split near the middle and is quite messy. Her eyes are shown to have Heterochromia iridum, with her right iris being colored blue while her left iris is colored green. Neko's 3 sizes are B89/W57/H88. She wears three golden bells: one on her left ear as an earring. Neko is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a cat and encountered in the 26th episode, Pudding Pagoda. This episode features a return of the Bubblegum Troll, being the fourth time he appeared. This time, he is Gumzilla, a monster attacking Neko's Pagoda. Before introducing level 366, she asks Tiffi for help, as Gumzilla continues his rampage in the background. After completing level.

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Neko Rahmen (猫ラーメン), an anime series based on the manga by Kenji Sonishi Nekomata (猫又), In Japanese mythology and folklore, a neko Yōkai (spirits with supernatural abilities) Nekomimi ('猫耳, literally Cat ears), also known as Nekomusume ( 猫娘 , cat daughter) or catgirl , a female human/humanoid with such feline traits as cat ears , tail and whiskers , among others Neko is a character featured in Bowmasters. She represents the Japanese student stereotype. Neko uses a kunai. When tapped, it splits into three kunai (similar to The Blues in Angry Birds)

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Welcome to the 07th Expansion Wiki! We are a collaborative fan-made encyclopedia for all works written by the Japanese author Ryukishi07.. Coverage is currently limited for Higurashi, but we are working to get that on track within the month.If you are interested in helping us, we would encourage you to join our Discord server on the right tab Neko is a supporting character in 7th Dragon 2020 and 7th Dragon 2020-II. She is a member of SKY and is always usually shown alongside Takehaya and Daigo. Prior to 2020, Neko was an orphan who grew up with Daigo and Takehaya. They were taken in by Natsume Hikasa and had been put through various.. Nekopara Vol. 4 ~Neko to Patissier no Noel~ (ネコぱらvol.4~ネコとパティシエのノエル~?) is an upcoming visual novel by NEKO WORKs. It will be the sequel of Nekopara Vol. 3. 1 Game Description 2 Characters 3 Development 4 Gallery 5 References The game so far is about the Nekopara family going to Paris to see Kashou teacher and talking things with Kashou mom and dad about his. Nekopara is a Japanese anime television series by NEKO Works. 1 Story 2 Development 3 Staff 4 Episode list 5 Characters 6 Gallery 6.1 Promotional videos 7 References 8 External Links Kashou Minaduki, a son of a long line of Japanese confection makers, moved out to open his own patisserie La Soleil. When unpacking his stuff, Kashou found two of the catgirls(neko) that his family had. Shirone Toujou (commonly referred to as Koneko Toujou) is one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD. She is a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and a member of the Occult Research Club. She is a Nekoshou, a rare species ofNekomata and Kuroka's younger sister, as well as Rias Gremory's first Rook She is also one of Issei's fiancees. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3.

Appearance: Neko wears the ears on her headset along with an unusually large ahoge and is oddly short for her age. Neko is blind in her right eye from having trachoma so her right eye is discolored, hence the bandage she wraps around it. Hair color: Blond A wiki application running under symfony. Contribute to Nekland/Neko-Wiki development by creating an account on GitHub Neko-Musume (猫娘, ねこ娘 or ネコ娘 Cat Girl) is a cat hanyō and a member of the Kitarō Family. In nearly all adaptations, she has a romantic interest in Kitarō. 1 Cast 2 Appearance 3 About 4 Manga history 4.1 Kaiki Neko-Musume 4.2 Neko in Hakaba Kitarō 5 Image Songs 6 See also 7 Trivia 8 Navigation.. 96Neko (96猫) is an utaite who is well-known for her husky lower range vocals, and for being a ryouseirui. However, she is also able to sing in a very cute female voice, most clearly seen in her cover of Soratobazu. During her early utaite career she often did duets with Kagamine Rin/Len when it came to Vocaloid covers. She also sang many parody songs, mostly duets with Len or vipTenchou.

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In Neko Atsume, there are currently 24 Cats considered Rare Cats. Many of these are not so rare as they are special Cats, and interact in unique ways with their object of interest. They are not only more difficult to get to visit your Yard than the standard kitties, but they are generally themed and more interesting than the Regular Cats. Rare Cats only visit if certain Toys and quality of. The table below lists the Goodies which will attract a particular Rare Cat to the yard. A list of descriptions and personalities may be found on the main Cats page. Players should also note that some of these cats have a much greater chance of spawning if more expensive Food is used. Despite not being classified as a Rare Cat, Peaches is extremely hard to attract because of the cat's. Neko Zombie is a resident of the Gregory House. According to Gregory, he was once a beautiful cat with the finest black fur that lived with the pet of a nobleman that once stayed at the hotel. However, one night, someone took a needle and thread and sewed everything shut; eyes, mouth, ears, everything. When spying on Neko Zombie in the game, his conversation suggests that Gregory is the one.

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Dr. Neko Kafka ist ein Politiker der Neuen Internationale, welcher vormals Mitglied der späten Grünen und der Linken war, für letztere auch in den III. Senat eingezogen ist. Er wirkte vorher kurzzeitig als Major in der Schutzbrigade. Bevor Neko Kafka sich im Namen des Vaters Lenins, des Sohne Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Everyone Is Welcome! 3,047 Pages. Add new page. Gore-ientation. Rules and Etiquette Page Creation and Templates Wicked Resources Student Body. Females Males Horror Roll. Amy Pousa; Mila Malevich; 0-xum; Trevor Erosson; Kimmy Deva; Canine Nyx; Library. Fanfiction Diaries Community. Grapple Neko is a literal cat burglar monster who appears in the chapter The Sneaky Feline from Video Squadron: Gamerman.She was created by Dr. Morty Squeak for a game where Grapple Neko was the playable character where she would steal loot and avoid the authorities. But, Jack Lupeson rejected the game because he didn't like the idea of it, even though there's a successful video game franchise. Neko is a female Strain and also a Silver Clansman. She is extremely attached to Yashiro Isana and is responsible for altering his memories, as well as those of the Ashinaka High School student body Neko is a short, but slender girl with long, bright pink hair reaching down along her back and down past her knees. Her hair is split near the middle and is quite messy. Her eyes are shown to have. Neko Majin Z cover. Originally a one-shot bearing little relation to Akira Toriyama's other series, the first chapter of Nekomajin appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump in April 1999 (WJ #22-23). Though there were some similarities, it did not become a self-parody of the Dragon Ball manga until Neko Majin Z published in 2001 in Monthly Shōnen Jump, which had cameos of characters from the author.

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A place for Fans of neko to create, edit, contribute, and Veröffentlichen wikis about neko Neko (Birthname: Nefertity Cheshirenoir Petronus Pluto and the Fiddle Kuniyoshi Ryuuzou Sharpero Ulthar Que Jenny Hiroko Ouis Convença) is a mascot character in PriPara. She is the first mascot to appear in Season 2, and she debuts in Episode 39. Neko is a navy-blue cat with big black eyes outlined in thick, black eyelashes, and worn with lavender eyeshadow. Her cheeks are two lavender dots. Pepper (おっどさん Oddo-san) is a Regular Cat in Neko Atsume. See Goodies page. Trivia Pepper has two different eye colors, a condition known as heterochromia. Pepper is the only cat in the game with this feature., Pepper is the only cat in the game with this feature Neko II Gold (Japanese: ネコ2世G (ゴールド)) is a Rank S, Restoration-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe Neko Neko Ondo is the first insert song in the Nyan Koi! anime series. nekoneko ondo de nyanyanyanyan nekoneko ondo de nyanyanyanyan nekoneko ondo de neko no ondo de kyou mo ii tenki donna neko demo yume ga aru tatta ichido no nyan sei naraba sanshoku goro ne tsuki de choito ueiku you na serebu..

Hier findet ihr alle Bilder der Nekotalia Charakter Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Welcome! 101 Pages. Add new page. NEKOPARA. Visual Novels. Nekopara Extra; Nekopara Vol. 0; Nekopara Vol. 1; Nekopara Vol. 2; Nekopara Vol. 3; Nekopara Vol. 4; Other Games . Nekopara Live; Nekoparaiten; Nekopara Manga Nekopara Anime Original Video. Special deals for busy travelers. Do mew need anything? Neko Neko (ニキータ Nikīta) is a recurring non-player character in the Mana series. 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 Functions Neko is a large anthropoid cat covered in lavender and beige fur. Being a traveling merchant, he can easily be identified by the large bundle bag he carries behind him. Neko is a shrewd salesman. Neko (猫 Neko), known as Cat in the English anime, is an archetype used by Cathy in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Though almost all members of this archetype have Cat in their English names, the support cards for this and Cat archetype list them as separate from one another. The character 猫 with the Japanese furigana of ねこ (Neko) or びょう (Byō), all have the same meaning of the word cat

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Name: Suzuta Neko (鈴田ねこ) Spitznamen: Suzu-chan (すずちゃん) Videospiele Filme TV. Wikis. Wikis entdecken; Community-Wiki; Wiki erstellen; Suche Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Registrieren Wiki erstellen. Idoline Wikia. 17.651 Seiten. Neue Seite hinzufügen. Beliebte Seiten. Meistbesuchte Artikel. Katase Momo ; June Lovejoy; Gravure Idol; U15 Idole; Nakamura Tina. Contents[show] There are many templates in use in Neko Fanon Wiki; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it. Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki.. Neko's sind nicht immer so wie du sie beschreibst (was alle anderen unter mir auch geschrieben haben... :D) Asu (Gast, ID: 04492) vor 1856 Tagen flag. yo 100% bin ich ein neko aber ich bin eher eine (wie Nanala und mogi schon geschrieben haben) Normale Neko auch wenn ich plüsch knuddeln usw eigentlich manchmal ganz gerne hab mein fazit: (seit wann mach ich ein fazit O.O) ein verspieltes und. Mayoi Neko Overrun! (迷い猫オーバーラン!, Mayoi Neko Ōbāran!?, Stray Cat Overrun!) is a Japanese light novel series by Tomohiro Matsu, with illustrations by Peco.As of March 25, 2010, eight volumes have been published by Shueisha under their Super Dash Bunko imprint.A manga adaptation by Kentaro Yabuki started serialization in the shōnen manga magazine Jump Square on January 4, 2010

Jason Neko war ein Alteraner aus der Galaxie Ambriador. Erscheinungsbild. Der gut aussehende, drahtige Alteraner hatte blauschwarz schimmerndes Haar, das er nach Art der Laren zu einem Nest geflochten trug. Sein Gang hatte etwas tänzerisch-fließendes, seine Bewegungen wirkten katzenhaft geschmeidig. Charakterisierung . Neko wirkte stets energiegeladen, er strahlte Zuversicht und Lebensfreude. Neko Kuroha (黒羽寧子, Kuroha Neko) ist einer der beiden Hauptpersonen in dem Anime Gokukoku no Brynhildr. Sie ist eine Rang B Magierin, die zu Beginn der Geschichte noch nicht sonderlich stark ist. Sie ist auch die Vizepräsidentin des Astronomie Clubs. Ihr Geburtstag ist am 4. April, ihre Labornummer ist 7620. Neko Kuroha ist ein schönes junges Mädchen mit dunkelblauen Haaren.

The official wiki guide for Neko Navy, written and maintained by the players. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones. About Neko Navy. Neko Navy is a horizontal single-player shoot'em'up game for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch by developer DeathMofuMofu and Fruitbat Factory. Fly through the skies as one of 6 flying cats and fight 10,000 soothing. A wiki on a Neko styled manga, which was created by Etsuya Mashima. This Wiki is to be continually improved for your informative pleasure on Koi Neko. This manga is about a boy, named Shinta, who gets confessed to by a girl from his class, named Nao. Shinta is a boy who likes to play with cats and one dark haired in particular comes to visit his room every night. Only to find out, that when he. Neko Majin Z makes his debut in the Japanese version of Supersonic Warriors 2, serving as an unlockable support-type character. Neko Majin Z was added as a boss in Dragon Ball Heroes in the fourth mission of the Jaaku Mission series (JM4). His Super Neko Majin form was made playable through a promotional card released shortly after

Neko (♂) (猫(♂)) is a Taiwanese utaite known for his high, nasal voice. He is able to maintain a consistent timbre across a wide range, and his falsetto extends remarkably high. Furthermore, in the upper parts of his range, his voice remains pure, soft, and steady, with hardly a sign of strain. For this reason, despite his having a ♂ in his username, many listeners find it difficult. Nekos are a humanoid species possessing feline traits such as large, triangular cat-like ears on top of their head, and long, sleek furry tail extending from their spine, just above their buttocks. They sometimes possess slitted pupils as well. Depending on the species, however, the ears and pupils may be rounder, and the tail shorter. In general, nekos are lithe and slender, standing slightly. Kanojo to Kanojo no neko (jap. 彼女と彼女の猫, dt.: Sie und ihre Katze, engl. She and her Cat), mit dem Untertitel Their standing points (etwa ihre Standpunkte), ist eine fünfminütige Anime-OVA von Makoto Shinkai über die Beziehung zwischen einer Katze und ihrer Besitzerin während eines Jahres

Maneki-neko come in different colors and styles and vary in degrees of detail. Common colors are white, black, and gold. In addition to statues, Maneki-neko can be found in the form of keychains, piggy banks, air fresheners, pots, and numerous other media. Maneki-neko are sometimes referred to simply as lucky cats In the manga, Neko does not have a cat tail, while in the anime, she does not have cat ears. In this form she resembles Cammy from Street Fighter with her hair and clothing. Trivia Edit. Because of being love rivals with Natsumi, she hates her. In the manga when Kitten was turned into a human (because of the Animals Into Soldiers Gun), she called Natsumi a dumb broad. She seems to really. Kuroneko (藪の中の黒猫, Yabu no Naka no Kuroneko, A Black Cat in a Bamboo Grove; aka simply The Black Cat) is a 1968 black-and-white Japanese horror film, directed by Kaneto Shindo, and an adaptation of a supernatural folktale.Set during a civil war in Japan's Heian period, the spirits of a woman and her daughter-in-law seek revenge after losing their lives to a brutal incident NEKO THE KILLER One day jeff the killer and jane the killer had rlly hot and steamy hate sex (so hot i can not go into detail ;3). They forgot that sex = babies so jane got pregnant with twins.She also never told jeff bc she hated him. She didn't want 2 babies so when they were born she kept one to raise as a murderer and left the other on a doorstep. The baby was put into foster care and they. Neko (ねこ, also known as Gattinosh) is a timid calico cat. Neko resembles a chubby calico cat. She has has a small tail with a beige ring around the top. On her back she has a large tan circle and a smaller brown circle

Metropolitan Nekoma High (Japanese: 都立 (とりつ) 音駒 (ねこま) 高校 (こうこう) Toritsu Nekoma Kōkō), or Nekoma High for short, is a high school in Nerima Ward of Tokyo in Japan. Nekoma, like most Japanese schools, has a uniform and dress code. The male uniform consists of a white shirt, red tie, black sweater vest, dark blue blazer, and grey pants. The female uniform. Neko. Status: Alpha. Brought to you by: chaos-dev. Summary Files Reviews Support Wiki External Link Donate; Browse SVN; Menu Wiki Home; Browse Pages; Browse Labels; Formatting Help ; Home Authors:. Koi Neko Wiki:Administrators. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions. Contents.

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Neko Shogun is the third Persona of the Star Arcana and can only be obtained through advanced fusion in the Velvet Room.He is the first Persona to learn Invigorate 1 and Fortified Moxy and the second of two Personas to learn Cornered Fang.When itemized through Electric Chair execution, Neko Shogun produces the Catnap slingshot for Morgana, which has 168 ATK, 90 ACC, can fire 5 times per turn. Neko Majins (猫魔人 Neko Majin, lit. Magical Cats) are a species of magical cats that appear in Akira Toriyama's comedy manga Nekomajin, as well as in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission. Neko Majins are cute yet strong, and quietly play a big role somewhere in the world. There are only twenty-eight Neko Majins in the Dragon World, making them an extremely rare creature. , Neko is a Chinese-themed cat that is said to be the luckiest cat in town. Some say that when he raises his paw, it means good luck. Neko resembles to the neko cat statues that some Chinese people use to attract good luck. He has beige white fur with light brown patches around his torso and on top of his head, had chocolate brown eyes, and wears a red collar with a gold bell around his neck

Shapeshifter Neko is a Story Suit that could be obtained during the Ancient Atlas event. Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Lost in Dream, Neko Jin Hua, Literate Gentleman, and 40 1 Wardrobe 1.1 Alternative Series (Posed) 2 Lore 3 Etymology 3.1 Name by Server 4 Gallery 5 Navigation.. Neko (ネコ, Neko) is a female Strain and also a Silver Clansman. She is extremely attached to Yashiro Isana and is responsible for altering his memories, as well as those of the Ashinaka High School student body. She is called Miyabi Ameno (雨乃雅日, Ameno Miyabi) by the Green King Nagare Hisui, however, Neko herself does not recognize this name. She is carefree and playful, having fun.

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Welcome to the Natsumi neko Wiki forum! This forum can be used by members of this community to discuss topics related to their wiki. Notes: You may have to purge this page to see changes; for more explanation and how to set up new forums, see Help:Wiki-style forums. ForumLast EditLast Author Help desk21:45, July 3, 2014Default Watercooler21:45, July 3, 2014Defaul Neko Parham Name Neko Parham Geburtsort Atlanta, Georgia, USA Geburtsdatum 20. Juni 1972 Beruf Schauspieler Rolle Stadtratsmitglied Staffel(n) 4 Neko Parham spielte ein Stadtratsmitglied aus Mystic Falls Neko Nikki (ねこ日記 Neko Nikki), translated as Cat Diary, is a song by Ranka Lee and was first released on the single Seikan Hikou (Single) as track 2. It is featured in Macross Frontier as an insert song and is the ending to episode 11, Missing Birthday. Macross Frontier Episode 9 Friendly Fire Ranka's debut song plays in the background as she promotes herself and the song whilst handing. Welcome to the brand new Neko Friendly Night Club. Conceived by Oathmeal and financed by Lanfear, Neko Nights was originally a defunct club purchased by Oathmeal. After hiring Foxe -- a skilled world architect -- the club was given a complete makeover before opening. The club was officially opened on October 14th 2018, with ThatOneRebel, Klaus, Emmitt, and Crumbster whom were among the many.

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A traditional Neko Punch retrofitted with the latest doodads for true professionals. Its specular coating and golden sheen work together to give off that posh feel we all love so much. The claws have been extended for ease of use in battle, delivering an all-new Neko Punch experience for the neko in you. Charge Attack ; Gorgeous Scratch: Massive Earth damage to a foe. Inflict Sleep Can't. Neko ni Naritai (猫になりたい) is a track featured in IZ*ONE's Japanese debut single, Suki to Iwasetai. It is performed in a unit by Miyawaki Sakura, Choi Yena, Kim Minju, Yabuki Nako and Jo Yuri. Only available in version Type B of the album. It was also adapted to a Korean version by Kim Minju in IZ*ONE's 2nd mini album, HEART*IZ. 1 Lyrics 2 Audios 2.1 Spotify 3 Videos Gallery 4 Song.

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Nyan~ Neko Sugar Wiki Welcome to the Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls Wiki Welcome to the Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls wikia. Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls was created in 2010 by the influential SoapOpera46. It is considered one of the most iconic anime of all time. SoapOpera46 made many other iconic/notable works such as The Last Unicron. nyaaaa desuuu Koi Neko Wiki:Policy. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy. Other policies for this Wikia should be decided by the wiki community. It's generally best to keep policies as simple as possible, and not to introduce too many rules. A growing wiki can usually do well with a. Ryōta Neko (良太猫, Ryōta Neko) is the head of the Bakeneko Clan and leader of 1st street, he requested that Rikuo free the 1st street from the Kyūso Clan. He later reappears at the yōkai party for Kana and is a known gambler. Due to the fact that he is a Bakeneko, he has light brown ears coming from his black hair, sharp teeth like a cat and when he smiles and a slightly curved mouth. Neko_Wikipe-tan.png; Urheber: Neko_Wikipe-tan.png: w:User:Kasuga~enwiki; derivative work: Malyszkz (talk) Genehmigung (Weiternutzung dieser Datei) Ich, der Urheberrechtsinhaber dieses Werkes, veröffentliche es hiermit unter der folgenden Lizenz: Diese Datei ist unter den Creative-Commons-Lizenzen Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 2.5 generisch, 2.0 generisch. The Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard2 is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a leopard hybrid and a full leopard at will, making the user a Leopard Human (ヒョウ人間, Hyō Ningen?).34 It was eaten by Rob Lucci. 1 Etymology 2 Strengths and Weaknesses 3 Usage 3.1 Techniques 3.1.1 Anime-Only Techniques 4 Anime and Manga Differences 5 References 6 External Links 7.

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Yuki Neko ist ein Charakter aus dem Spiel Der Liebe-Dichtkunst-Club. Sie merkt zwar hin und wieder, dass etwas nicht normal sein kann, allerdings behält sie das für sich. Sie versucht ihre Liebe zu finden und ihn an sich zu binden. Yuki ist meistens eine schüchterne und höfliche Person, die ihre Interessen ehrgeizig verfolgt. Yuki ist eine reife Person, die allerdings sehr unsicher ist. Natsumi neko Wiki. 6 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Natsumi neko Wiki; Main Page; Wiki Content; Natsumi Nekota; Natsu Ryunnosuke; Daisuke Kouji; Kei Sukiyako; #category1# #category2# Community. Recent blog posts Forum Explore. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. in: Browse. Templates . Category page. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) This is the. Neko is a famous traveling artist, a dancer, and an acrobat. She and her cousins have a renowned circus, but it is very hard to catch a show, as they keep moving without warning and on a whim. Neko values her freedom and rejects all authority. She does what she wants when she wants! She particularly scorns Ripper, the pet wolf trying to please his idol just for a scratch between the ears. Neko Publishing (Japanese: ネコ・パブリッシング)is a Japanese publisher.A mail order site of hobby known as Hobidas (Japanese: ホビダス). Official Website Hobidas Ōigawa Railway Thomas Capsule Plarail Thomas Encyclopedi Gods and Goddeses of cats, Grant my wish to be; To be a Neko Cat. Make my ears (chosen color) And my tail (chosen color). Make it so I can hide my ears and also my tail, away from humans. After you say the spell, drink the milk while imagining your Neko self. For better results, believe in the spell a whole lot. ~ Anonymous Side Effects 1. Aching where ears and tail will be 2. Craving for milk.

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English: Double animated figurine of Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) from Japan. Deutsch: Doppelt animierte Figur einer Winkekatze (Maneki Neko) aus Japan. Datum: 2. Dezember 2012: Quelle: Eigenes Werk: Urheber : ElHeineken: Kameraposition: Dieses und weitere Bilder auf OpenStreetMap - Google Earth: Lizenz. Ich, der Urheber dieses Werkes, veröffentliche es unter der folgenden Lizenz: Diese Datei. Neko is an oc that was originally just blue. After returning back from a depression her hair turned black along with her ears and tail. She wears a long sleeved, blue shirt that goes past her waist and makes it appear that she doesn't wear pants, or so others have said, she in facts wears.. II. Nékó, görögösen Nekaó (görög betűkkel Νεκαω), uralkodói nevén Uhemibré (Kr. e. 660 körül - Kr. e. 594 februárja/áprilisa) ókori egyiptomi fáraó Kr. e. 610-től haláláig.Folytatta édesatyja politikáját, elősegítette a külfölddel (főként a görögökkel) való kereskedelmet Enma Neko'ou Matatabi (Japanese: 閻魔猫王マタタビ Enma Nekoō Matatabi) is an Rank S, Lightning-attribute, Deva Yo-kai of the Enma tribe. He was the 5th Great King Enma to rule the Yo-kai World

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Die Neko no Te (jap. 猫の手 (ねこのて), neko no te) sind besondere Waffen, für die Kuro bekannt ist. Sie bestehen aus zwei schwarzen, Fellhandschuhen an deren Fingerspitzen lange einschneidige Klingen befestigt sind. Um zu vermeiden, dass er sich mit den Klingen im Gesicht verletzt, benutzt Kuro seine Handballen, um seine immer wieder verrutschende Brille zurechtzurücken This category may include pages and subcategories related to the active contributors to the site, as seen on Special:ListUsers Name: Neko Kageki (三毛猫歌劇団) Bedeutung: Katzen Revue Konzept: - Katzenidole - Tanz, Gesang und Tierschutz - sie arbeiten im Mike Neko Cafe aktiv: seit Februar 2016 Mitglieder Bearbeiten. Natsuno Arinko Morihisa Rena Yumemiga Chiroru Haruno Madoka Momotsuki Kasumi Tsukishima Rion Hiiragi Mutuk

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